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Beaver Plastics Lettuce Raft 18, 28, 36 and 72 Hole

  • Beaver Plastic Beaver Boards are lettuce rafts (propagation trays) used for deep water culture.
  • Beautiful leafy lettuce abounds when you start it out in Beaver Boards propagation trays.
  • Lettuce Rafts are Ideal for a commercial setting.
$30 Each Plus Shipping. Discounts available on Pallet Quantities. Please Call Us at 866-597-9298 and Ask for a Grower!

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Product Description

Lettuce Rafts From Beaver Plastics


  Lettuce Raft  

These Beaver Plastics Lettuce Rafts are designed for, and recommended by the manufacturer to be used in plant cultivation. Most commonly used within a Deep Water Culture "floating raft system" setting. Traditional float systems utilize foam boards brought over from the construction industry. The ongoing debate on whether or not these repurposed materials are safe for growing plants, which are ultimately being used for human consumption is interesting. Many of these products contain fire retardant chemicals and other additives, very useful in protecting and insulating your home, but the long term effects on humans is questionable. We use these boards in our own systems, to feed our family and friends, we think you should too! Plus, no more dedicating your weekends to drilling thousands of holes.

Lettuce Raft Additional Benefits:

  • "Sealed Surface Technology" Resist water and root penetration
  • Resist root penetration- keeping the roots intact for transplanting
  • Specialized cell shape to encourage roots to bind together with the soil into a single plug
  • Are built to last and have dependable durability and longevity
  • Offer a cost effective system
Start with sterilized deep water beds in a greenhouse.  Add seedling plugs to the lettuce raft. Add the lettuce rafts to the deep water circulating tanks, and let them float.  Lettuce will be ready to harvest in 5-7 weeks!
Lettuce Raft Specifications
18 Hole
Number of Cavities:  18 (3x6)
Plant Density:   2.25 plants/sq.ft (24.3 plants/sq/m)
Cavity:  8 inch (203mm) centres
28 Hole
Number of Cavities: 28 (3x6, 2x5 staggered) 
Plant Density: 3.5 plants/sq.ft (37.8 plants/sq.m)
Cavity:  8 inch (203 mm) centres diagonal first hole in 3.5 inch (89mm)
36 Hole
Number of Cavities:
Plant Density:
72 Hole
Number of Cavities:  72 (12 x 6)
Plant Density: 9 plants/sq.ft  96.8 plants/sq.m)
Cavity: 4 inch (102mm) centres horizontal