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SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic

  • Greenhouse Plastic by Solawrap Films! Look at this expansive house in the making!  Trust your greenhouse to Solawrap and get growing with confidence.
  • Proven Winners selected Solawrap films as their greenhouse covering.  The light diffusion distribution is even over the entire greenhouse.
  • SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic offers an all year round growing solution and is more resistant to snow and hail storms than any other greenhouse plastic film on the market today.
  • Proven Winners SolaWrap house.
  • SolaWrap is the bubble plastic that has been shown to last up to 27 years in Europe.  It doesn't yellow or get brittle.
  • Beautiful Passive Solar build
  • Cultivate 16 Greenhouse on the Tour

Product Description


 Solawrap greenhouse film:  

  • Is the third most recognized film across the U.S. in the horticulture industry. This greenhouse plastic is the labor saving film that is backed by a 10 year warranty from UV degradation from Global Plastic Sheeting. Solawrap greenhouses built 30 years ago are still standing!  

Recently we removed the Solawrap greenhouse plastic from a house that was built in 1994 to test its strength and transmission rate.  This 20+ year old film only lost 1-4% light transmission, and maintained its strength of 120 lbs per square foot!  Solawrap does not yellow or get brittle.

One Solawrap house sustained a 135 mph wind storm in Alaska! SOLAWRAP IS STRONG!   MORE

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Solawrap Greenhouse Covering Pricing:

 * Pricing for full rolls in the contiguous United States.  Call for volume pricing when you order 5 rolls or more.  855-SOLA (7652)

Note regarding roll size:  Solawrap is measured from the center of each connector holding the film on the greenhouse. Center to center equals 4', 5' and 6'. The film sizes are true when used with the connectors. Actually film sizes are one inch less,  4 foot is 47 inches, 5 foot is 59 inches, and 6 foot is 71 inches.  

4' x 328'    $2300

5' x 328'    $2600

6' x 328'    $2800

Product Videos

Solawrap Greenhouse Covering- The One and Done Film (01:13)
Solawrap films is a German product. It is Bubble Wrap technology. What makes this greenhouse plastic/ film unique is it will last you a very very long time. It will give you great light diffusion, refraction and direct sunlight along with thermal qualities beyond belief. Solawrap greenhouse plastic also offers longevity and strength. The wind load is 112 mph, and the snow load is 120 pounds per square foot. Growers love this greenhouse plastic covering. We are happy to give you testimonials and referrals from them. Just email us at kenaguilar@solawrapfilms.com or call 855 SOLA USA (855.765.2872). Please visit, http://www.solawrapfilms.com/
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    Solawrap films is a German product. It is Bubble Wrap technol...
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